Emirates Post Tracking

How to track Emirates Post packages?

  1. Enter your Emirates Post Tracking Number or Ref ID in the field.
  2. Click on the Track button to fetch the delivery status.
  3. Your Emirates Post shipment progress will now be shown successfully.

Emirates Post is the official postal service for the United Arab Emirates that is a subsidiary of Emirates Post Group Holding. It is the most popular postal service in the UAE and offers a variety of postal services. It was founded in 1909 and was managed by Indian Post Office Services until 1947 after which it was transferred to British administration after the independence of India and Pakistan. In 1972 the postal services were established in the UAE as the General Directorate of Postal Services under the Ministry of Communication.

It delivers in 200+ countries and regions across the world and delivers foreign parcels and goods to their destination by partnering up with the best local postal services. For global shipment of parcels, it has partnered with global shipping companies like DHL, China Post, USPS, etc.

Postal Services by Emirates Post

Postal Services provided by Emirates Post include Post Box service (P.O), Express Mail, International Express Mail, Parcels, Couriers, Money Transfer, and more.

Rent Post Office Boxes (PO Boxes):

Mail and parcel/goofs that are delivered within the UAE and to the UAE are delivered to PO Boxes only. ZIP Codes and Postal codes are not valid for the UAE. So, to get your mail delivered to you, you can rent a PO Box from Emirates Post for mail delivery.

International Express Mail:

It is for the express delivery of parcels and goods to different countries around the world. With the Emirates Post partnering up with DHL, this International Express Mail Service offers speedy shipping of parcels and goods from the UAE to about 220 countries and regions in the world.

Gulf Express:

It is for the express delivery of parcels, goods, and documents in the whole gulf and middle east region. These are reliable, fast, and affordable solutions that cover the whole GCC.

Express Mail Service (EMS):

It is a quick and efficient service through which you can send urgent documents and parcels & they will be delivered without any delay. It is an express service to make sure that the urgent documents reach the destination overnight.

Money Transfer:

You can have money transferred to someone living locally in the UAE or in any other by Emirates Post.

Additional services by Emirates Post include:

  • Driving License Application: You can submit your application for lessons and a UAE driving license in either Sharjah or Dubai through Emirates Post.
  • Ministry of Labor (MOL) Labor Cards Renewal: You can apply for a labor license and renewal of labor cards by providing the necessary documents and fees through emirates post.
  • Advertising: You can effectively reach out to your customers through the Emirates Post Advertising service which delivers flyers to your target audience in an affordable and efficient way.

How to find Emirates Post Tracking ID?

To track the status of your Emirates Post shipments and orders, you need to enter the Emirates Post Tracking ID provided to you. The tracking ID of Emirates Post is usually a combination of alphabets and numbers & is about 13 characters. The tracking ID starts with a combination of two alphabets followed by 9 numbers and AE at the end. For example, EE XXXXXXXXX AE

Emirates Post Customer Service

Phone Number: +971 600 5 99999

Email: [email protected]

Fax: +971 4 334 0333

Business hours: Saturday to Thursday (8:00 AM-3:00 PM)