China EMS (ePacket) Tracking

How to track China EMS (ePacket) packages?

  1. Enter your China EMS Tracking Number or Ref ID in the field.
  2. Click on the Track button to fetch the delivery status.
  3. Your China EMS shipment progress will now be shown successfully.

China EMS (ePacket) is a subsidiary of China Post, the official postal operator in China. ePacket is a shipment delivery service by China Post that works both domestically and internationally. It can deliver documents, urgent letters, bills, samples, and other parcels & goods from and to China & other countries, about 200+ countries and regions around the globe with tracking services offered in various ways.

It covers both domestic and international EMS services and is currently the largest express mailing services provider in the country, providing both domestic and international services and covering even the rural areas of the country. China EMS covers approximately 200+ countries and regions across the world and up to 2000 domestic cities in China, as of yet.

Postal Services by ePacket

Postal Services by China EMS include Domestic EMS, International EMS, and International e-EMS.

Domestic EMS

China EMS provides domestic express mail service in up to 2000 cities and regions in China. You can have urgent documents, letters, goods, and parcels delivered urgently across the whole of China including rural areas.

International EMS

China EMS also provides an international express mail service with which you can send your urgent documents, goods, and parcels from China to other countries. China EMS International service offers its services and ensures express delivery of your parcels and goods from China to about 200 different countries and regions around the world

International e-EMS

To solve the problem of delivery of high-quality merchandise of online retailers, China EMS designed a new business service called e-EMS in 2014 for cross-border shipping solutions for e-commerce sellers. It is an economic, fast, and convenient method for express cross-border shipping of merchandise by e-commerce sellers.

This service is charged for every 50gm, which means that it is an economic way to express delivery of parcels and goods and greatly reduces the shipping costs for the seller along with the time required for shipping of the parcels due to the express delivery.

Currently, the International e-EMS service is available in about 106 different countries and regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Belarus, New Zealand, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Netherlands, Canada, Ukraine, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Israel, and several other countries.

Where is China EMS/ePacket Tracking ID?

You can track the status of your order by entering the China EMS Tracking ID of the parcel which is composed of 13 characters. The Tracking ID of China EMS starts with E - representing Express Mail followed by another letter and 9 digits and ending with CN or CS. An example of a China EMS Tracking ID is ENXXXXXXXXXCN.

ePacket Tracking ID starts with LK and for China International EMS, it starts with CT. You can find the tracking ID printed on the mailing receipt.

China EMS Customer Service

Address: No. 14, TaipinghuDongli, Xuanwumen West Street No.127, Xicheng District, Beijing

Phone Number: +8659138129145

Customer Service Hotline: 11183

Email: [email protected].