Shopee Xpress Tracking

How to track Shopee Xpress packages?

  1. Enter your Shopee Xpress Tracking Number or Ref ID in the field.
  2. Click on the Track button to fetch the delivery status.
  3. Your Shopee Xpress shipment progress will now be shown successfully.

Shopee Xpress (SPX), also known as Standard Delivery, is a service provided by Shopee that allows users to receive their items as quickly as possible. Because it's one of Shopee's Logistics partners, users will be able to monitor their order immediately using the app, website, or the Shopee Xpress tracking site. The Shopee Guarantee likewise covers orders from Shopee Xpress. The Parcels app will assist in monitoring the progress and location of the user’s Shopee Express Philippines parcel.

Shopee Xpress Services

This delivery service lets users receive many benefits that aid in a smooth and outstanding experience.

Delivery Time

It carries parcels from Monday to Sunday (from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM) and delivers them from Monday to Saturday (from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM). The delivery time can range from 1-3 business days. However, during the election season and holidays, the SPX schedule may alter. The cost of shipping is determined by the parcel's weight and size and the delivery options of self-drop or courier pickup.

Buyer’s Representatives

If the user is unavailable to accept their order, they can choose someone else to do so on their behalf. Their representative must have an authorization letter to receive the package, especially if it is prepaid. It is strictly forbidden to open boxes without first paying for them in cash. Shopee’s delivery partners will not hand over the package until they have received the complete payment.

Delivery to Nearby Stations

Instead of waiting for a rider to pick up their things, Shopee Xpress Drop-off allows sellers to hand over their packages to a nearby drop-off station. This reduces the time buyers must wait for couriers and enable them to fulfill orders at any time throughout the drop-off point's operational hours. Sellers that pick this option may be eligible for bonuses based on the number of parcels delivered. Sellers can look up the Shopee Xpress service center nearest to them.

Contact the Rider

Users can reach the carrier personally using the number they used if they get an SMS from the rider who will pick up the delivery. Users can contact Customer Service and submit the Order SN or Tracking Number to check about the progress of the parcel if the rider does not answer. However, not all carriers will send buyers a pick-up and delivery SMS update.

Shopee Xpress Customer Service

Phone Number: (02) 8-880-5200

Official Website: