How to track TCS packages?

  1. Enter your TCS Tracking Number or Ref ID in the field.
  2. Click on the Track button to fetch the delivery status.
  3. Your TCS shipment progress will now be shown successfully.

TCS or Tranzum Courier Services is Pakistan’s top courier and logistics company that was founded in 1983 as a joint venture with German courier company DHL. It is one of the best courier companies in the country and trusted by millions of people around Pakistan. It covers about 99% of the locations and districts in Pakistan and also has its presence on a global level too, due to its partnership with top courier companies in the world such as DHL, UPS, etc.

It has its own airline operations, delivery vehicles, and couriers & TCS has been also assigned very important tasks such as machine-readable passports (MRPs) delivery services by the government and Visa application submission and delivery services by foreign embassies in Pakistan. TCS also manages an e-commerce company, Yayvo in Pakistan.

Postal Services by TCS

Postal Services by TCS include Domestic Delivery, Heavy Weight Delivery, International Delivery, E-Commerce Solutions, and some other services.

Domestic Delivery

TCS has the largest retail network in Pakistan and with over 600 satellite-tracked vehicles up and running, TCS provides Domestic Express Delivery Services and Solutions to its customers in an economic and cost-effective way, having as many as 13 different shipping solutions depending on the needs of the customers.

Heavy Weight Delivery

TCS has also got its customers covered for the delivery and shipment of heavy-weight objects. You have got different options for the delivery of heavy-weight objects both domestically, and internationally.

TCS Cargo

TCS also offers economic and reliable solutions for the transportation of heavy and large volume shipments via TCS Cargo. These include Hub-to-Hub Services, Hub-to-Door Services, Seasonal fruits, per crate basis. TCS offers these services to a variety of different customers including wholesalers, small and medium traders, small manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors that have both heavy-weight and large volume shipments.

International Delivery

TCS has also made it easy for its customer for international delivery of parcels and goods from Pakistan to around the world. With TCS International Express Delivery, you can connect with people in over 220 destinations across the world with the fast, secure, and reliable service of TCS.

TCS has partnered up with top global express logistics solutions providers to make sure that its customers get the safest and most efficient air express service.

E-Commerce Solutions

TCS also offers a wide range of E-Commerce solutions to both individuals and corporations that including updated shipment tracking, timely email, and SMS alerts, easy transfer of funds, and convenient return solutions to make sure that your online business faces no problem as far as shipping of goods is concerned.

Other services include:

  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Mail Management System
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Self Service Centre
  • TCS Cool Control

How to find TCS Tracking ID?

You can find the status of your TCS parcel/order by typing in the TCS tracking ID that you get when you order something online and select TCS as the shipping option or it is provided to you by your retailer. It is also available on your order as a peel-off sticker. You can track your order/parcel right from home by typing in the tracking ID instead of having to leave your home or call the customer care service.

TCS Tracking ID or Number is basically the TCS Consignment that you by the TCS representative at the time of confirming your shipment. TCS Tracking ID or Consignment Number is a unique 10-12 digit code that you can find on your payment receipt, using which you can track the status of your parcel/order.

TCS Customer Service

Phone Number (Pakistan): + 92 21 111 123 456

Phone Number (UAE): + 971 600565651

Phone Number (UK): +(44) 208 8495600

Email Address: [email protected]

Address (Head Office): Iqbal Avenue, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan - 75202