Saia Freight Tracking

How to track Saia packages?

  1. Enter your Saia Tracking Number or Ref ID in the field.
  2. Click on the Track button to fetch the delivery status.
  3. Your Saia shipment progress will now be shown successfully.

Saia is an American trucking/less-than-truckload shipping company that was founded in the state of Louisiana in 1924. It is one of the largest LTL carriers in the USA

Postal Services by Saia

Postal Services by Saia include the following:

Guaranteed Service

With Saia’s Guaranteed Service, you get your parcel/shipment delivered to you at a guaranteed time, be it by 12 PM or 5 PM, your choice. Every guaranteed shipment is specially marked, handled with minute-by-minute tracking to make sure that it is specially handled and delivered to your doorstep by the time you selected.

Logistics Services

Saia provides logistic services with supply chain management that manage all or a specific portion of your supply chain needs. Saia has a team of experts and professionals along with the technology that will enable your business to do more with less cost, stress, and time.

Saia works as an extension of your team and provides solutions that will be able to solve the most difficult of your logistic challenges. Whatever logistics challenges that your business may be facing, Saia is here to develop a solution for any problem.

Saia is trusted by some of the most respected brands in the world and has partnered up with them to provide them with agility and expertise to make their business grow and keep the supply chain running.

Full Value Coverage Service

For your shipments that require ultimate protection, you can add additional cargo insurance with Saia’s Full Value Coverage Service that covers your shipment at full value in the event there’s a claim.

Covered Value by Saia’s Full Value Coverage:

  • Invoice value declared + freight charges + 10%
  • The rate is $.70 per $100.00 of the invoice value

Benefits of Saia’s Full Value Coverage:

  • No per pound limitation on new/used goods
  • Also covers concealed damages properly given that they are reported within 15 days from delivery
  • No deductible
  • Freight is protected from losses caused by natural disasters

Distribution and Consolidation Services:

Saia distribution and consolidation services help customers who are looking to reduce their inventory along with warehousing and transportation costs and transit time. Saia has an integrated network of service and distribution centers across the US that will help extend the supply chain of your business.

Features include:

  • End-to-end tracking for the entire transaction
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Pickup from multiple vendors and consolidate POs.
  • On-demand warehousing with 108 flex warehouses across the US
  • Efficient and streamlined delivery to distribution centers.

These are some services of Saia. Apart from these, there are various other postal and logistics services by Saia including delivery services to Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

How to find Saia Tracking ID?

You can track your shipment from Saia by using various methods. You can use Pro Number, Partner Pro Number, Pickup Number, Shipper Number, Customer BOL Number, or Purchase Order Number to track your shipment. Whichever number that you have available at the hand, just type that in the tracking box and you can find the latest status of your shipment, right from your home.

Saia Customer Support

Phone Number: 1-800-765-7242

Email Address: [email protected]

Address: 11465 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 400, Johns Creek, GA 30097